Approved Sender

An approved sender is a user or domain that has been whitelisted by another mail server so that all their correspondence can freely be sent to them, bypassing their spam filter so that there is no chance of an email failing to reach its intended recipient. Approved senders exist because it makes the process of sending emails, files, and any other correspondence via email more reliable and less likely to get lost during transmission.

How Do I Know If I’m An Approved Sender?
Typically, there is no way to see if you are an approved sender under an external domain unless the owner/administrator of that domain gives you this information directly. Approved senders are typically reserved for users who will consistently communicate with another domain over a long period of time.

Why should I Implement Approved Senders On My Domain?
Implementing an approved senders list for your domain will make it easier overall for you and others who utilize email addresses under your domain to communicate with others who typically need to exchange emails on a normal basis. When you add certain domains and senders to an approved senders list, it ensures that 100% of emails coming from this domain will.

  • Be delivered to the correct recipient​
  • Land in the primary inbox of the recipient
  • Never be treated as junk/spam mail