HTML vs Plain Text Emails

Between HTML email and plain text email, which one is best to choose? Which one is better for user experience or accessibility? Which one delivers the best results? Which is better for marketing and which is better for personal communication? These are some of the questions that have been in existence ever since HTML email came into existence back in the early 2000s.

The following sections explain the difference between the two styles.

What are HTML emails?
An HTML email is a document that lets a browser render information such as, images, links, text color, style, font, multimedia, and more.

The format of an HTML email is mostly used by marketers and organizations to impart their identity onto the email. They customize the look and feel of the email, which can more easily communicate their brand identity.

When it comes to the deliverability of an HTML email, everything that a plain text email can deliver, HTML email can deliver the same with added features.

What are plain text emails?
A plain text email is a message that only contains the text. This type of email is the most basic of any option since it arrives without any additional style. Plain text emails don’t allow for additional fonts, colors, or designs, and don’t have the option to attach images, files, or links.

When it comes to the deliverability of a plain text email, it works well in cases when the communication is personal or when the message is simple.

What is the difference between HTML vs plain text emails?
Following are some of the differences between an HTML email and a plain text email:

  • A plain text email works on every device, HTML email does not.
  • HTML email allows formatting of text, a plain text email does not.
  • HTML email allows embedded links, multimedia, and images, a plain text email does not allow any of these.
  • There is little to no threat of viruses in a plain text email, while an HTML email can include hidden viruses.
  • HTML email can track their open rate, while a plain text email cannot.
  • Plain text emails are less likely to land in a spam folder as compared to HTML emails.

Which is better for deliverability?
The final word is divided into several aspects when it comes to better deliverability:

  • The deliverability of HTML emails is better in terms of marketing emails.
  • The deliverability of plain text emails is better in terms of personal communication and accessibility.