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Within one to two quarters your business growth will be seen when using our services. Everthing from scratch we can help you with this! Our mission is to help small and medium enterprises to become big companies.

Track Your Links

Add a tracking code to the links within your email campaigns and get a complete view of the performance of each campaign's.

Email Performs

To view, analyze, and optimize open, click, and reply rates, and effectively track the true performance of a message all the way to a desired goal.

Live Segmentation

Target the right people dynamically using stored behavioral and customer data, even as things rapidly change and evolve.

Export Analysis

Export comprehensive message performance data within a specified time period to a CSV file and seamlessly through our API integration.

Create, send and track your email marketing campaigns with ease

Experience seamless email campaign management with our user-friendly platform. Effortlessly create, send, and track engaging email campaigns, ensuring reliable delivery to recipients' inboxes. Gain valuable insights through real-time analytics, enabling you to optimize engagement and achieve marketing success with ease.

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Sending mass emails made easy with bulk email software

It's super easy to send an email campaign with the Primailer dashboard.


Upload Contact Lists

You can import contacts to Primailer from CSV files, APIs, and CRMs like Hubspot and Salesforce.

  • ⚡ Collect and manage contacts
  • ⚡ Import contacts from anywhere
  • ⚡ Upload contacts in minutes

Choose, Design, Create, or Upload Email Templates

Create visually stunning email designs without tech or design dependencies.

  • ⚡ Edit with our drag and drop editor builder
  • ⚡ Use repeatable dynamic blocks
  • ⚡ Create AMP & HTML emails

Start Immediately or Schedule for the Future

Create and send automated bulk email marketing campaigns in just a few minutes.

  • ⚡ Easy to automate with visual builder
  • ⚡ Send emails based on diverse triggers
  • ⚡ Configure journey based on opens, clicks, and more

Choosing an SMTP

Choose a reliable SMTP service with secure connections, robust infrastructure, and detailed analytics for maximum email deliverability and scalability.

  • ⚡ Use Primailer SMTP or add your own
  • ⚡ Scalable solutions to handle growing email volume.
  • ⚡ Critical choice for successful email campaigns.

Track Open & Click Rates

Track open and click rates to evaluate email campaign success. Gain insights for optimizing content, subject lines, and call-to-action buttons, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

  • ⚡ Measure email engagement effectively.
  • ⚡ Optimize content, subject lines, and buttons.
  • ⚡ Drive higher conversion rates.

Why choose Primailer's bulk email service?

Primailer is more than just a bulk email-sending platform.

Interactive AMP Emails

Create and send dynamic AMP emails for higher engagement and conversions with Primailer.

Dynamic Emails

Send dynamic emails like live stock market feed inside an email that gets updated in real-time for higher engagement.

Transactional Emails

Create and send bulk transactional emails based on the events triggered by user behavior.

Online Surveys

Conduct online surveys within emails to collect valuable information from your participants using our survey creation tool.

Email Analytics

Measure your mass email campaign performance and optimize it for better ROI with email analytics.

Email Automation

Send personalized mass email campaigns with automated workflows and visual journey editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk email software is used to deliver mass marketing email campaigns to a large number of recipients at once without any hassle. You can use the bulk email service provider to upload and manage your contact list, segment the list, and send bulk email campaigns.

Primailer is one of the best bulk email service providers with better email infrastructure and support. Also, with Primailer, you can create emails with a import contacts, segment the list, add interactive widgets like forms to email, measure campaign performance with analytics, get expert consultation, and more...

The easiest way to send bulk emails is to use a dedicated bulk email software like Primailer. Here are some of the reasons to invest in an email marketing service,
  • Upload and manage email contacts.
  • Better email deliver ability and expert consultation.
  • Email analytics to track campaign performance.
  • Here are some of the tips to send bulk email campaigns without spamming,
  • Get opt-in/permission from your contacts before sending them campaigns.
  • Avoid clickbait email subject lines.
  • Avoid using spam words and irrelevant content.
  • Maintain your IP and domain reputation.

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