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Fast, secure email validation for accurate data, improved deliverability, and enhanced sender reputation.

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Reaching the lead's inbox is essential for effective outreach

Reduce your bounce rate by checking every email address you have.

Examine individual email addresses

Individually verify email addresses on the go to use software.

Bulk email address verification

With a complete email list verification, our bulk email verifier tool will assist you in improving email campaign sending results.

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Validates emails, reduces bounce rates

Maximize your email deliverability by leveraging the power of Primailer Validator to accurately validate email addresses, significantly reducing your bounce rate and ensuring successful email campaigns

What you get with Primailer Email verifier

Clean prospect lists with the most recent information

There will be no more outdated, invalid leads that you will be unable to contact. With Primailer, you can be certain that you will always reach your prospects.

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The lowest bounce rate ever recorded

The Primailer email verification system eliminates all invalid and suspicious emails from your prospect lists. Furthermore, if your data is verified, bad contacts will not enter your database in the first place.

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98% on-time delivery

With near-perfect deliverability, you'll outperform your competitors and reach more real lucrative leads while investing less.

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There will be no duplicates of existing prospects.

Never make the mistake of contacting the same lead twice. Primailer allows you to merge duplicates on the fly, update prospect data, and be confident that you will not irritate your next lead - you will convert them.

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Improved sender reputation

No invalid leads = no bounce rate and spam traps = no blocks. Set up a smooth email workflow with Primailer and enjoy a high sender reputation on a consistent basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An email address verifier, also known as an email checker, is a programme that can clean your email list of old or invalid emails. Sending to unverified email lists will result in a high bounce rate and email blocking by ESPs. The goal of our service is to keep your email account's reputation high by increasing the delivery rate of your campaigns.

Without actually sending an email to the address, it is impossible to accurately verify an email. However, based on our most recent tests, only 1.72% of emails that have been given a "legitimate" status following email verification with Primailer bounce. You may maintain an average deliverability of up to 98% with the help of our email analyzer.

The email addresses that were recently validated and designated as valid are secure. For these email addresses, the bounce rate is often less than 1%.

Yes, you can! Primailer verifier can be performed right in the email verifier tool: simply upload your list and start email list verification.

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