Unlimited Email

Unlimited Emails

Unlimited SMTP

Unlimited SMTP

Reduce Spam Ratio

Reduce Spam Ratio

Free Email Sending

Free Email Sending

Why Choose Primailer?

Unlimited SMTP

Use the full power of all your SMTPs without the hassle of multiple logins. Integrate your SMTPs and let Primailer do the rest.


Credit-Based and Unlimited Email Plans

We cater to all our clients. In need of a limited credit-based plan or want to integrate your own SMTP to our unlimited email plan.


Email Validator Integration

Integrate Primailer Validator, Kickbox, Zerobounce, Thechecker.co, Everifier.org, and many more email validator services in just 2 clicks.


Additional Features

Subscriber Sync, Subscriber Split, Autoresponders, Geo Opens, Custom Tags, Abuse Report, Email Templates, Survey, API key, and many more.

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Email Validator
Now, with the help of Primailer Validator Validate your Emails and reduce your bounce rate.
Create your email campaign in just 4 Steps.
Setup open tracking, url tracking, advance reoccurring on the go.

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New Campaign
Create an email autoresponder campaign based on your subscribers’ actions (campaign open/ campaign sent/ user subscriber).

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Sync List
Take actions based on duplicate, distinct or missing subscribers between two lists.

List Split
Easily split your subscribers of a list into multiple sublists with a single click.

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    Bulk Email Marketing
    Implement Your Marketing Plan
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    Transactional Email

    Sending transactional emails shouldn’t be hard with the right transaction email service. With Primailer transactional email service provider you can easily send and track emails.

    promotion (2)

    Promotional Email

    A promotional email is a commercial broadcast that usually offers incentives to drive sales and revenue for a business. Promotional emails should contain concise calls to action that prompt customers to buy a product.


    Email Campaigns

    With Primailer Email Marketing Software, you can grow your email campaigns to any email address.


    Primary Inbox Delivery.

    Send messages in any format and the recipient will receive it in inbox.


    SMTP Configuration

    Easily integrated SMTP configuration to control your SMTP ports for sending bulk emails.​


    Multimedia Formats

    Send messages in any format, including text, photos, and PDF files, or use HTML code to create a mass email template


    Custom Messages

    To forward numerous messages, send custom messages with greetings such as the name and surname with a single click​


    Send Bulk Emails

    Use Primailer to send bulk emails to save time and maintain a positive business-customer contact.​

    Improve The Efficiency Of Your Marketing
    Efforts To Help You Grow Quicker
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    Custom Messages

    Send custom messages with greetings such as the name and surname to forward multiple messages.


    Multiple SMTP Accounts

    Primailer Software allows you to integrate and manage all of your SMTP servers from a single

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    Shoot Bulk

    Send bulk emails in a group of contacts within seconds, easily communicating with customers, clients, and staff.


    Sustains Multimedia

    Shoot messages in any format like text, images, and pdf files, or one can choose HTML code to set the template for bulk email


    Primailer | Free Bulk Email Marketing Solution

    With the evolution in email marketing. One thing which remains constant is the significance of email marketing in the business world. Hence, email marketing allows you to grow professionally in the corporate world.

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