Why Choose Primailer?

Email Campaigns

With Primailer Email Marketing Software, you can grow your email campaigns to any email address.

Primary Inbox Delivery.

Send messages in any format and the recipient will receive it in inbox.

SMTP Configuration

Multimedia Formats

Send messages in any format, including text, photos, and PDF files, or use HTML code to create a mass email template

Custom Messages

To forward numerous messages, send custom messages with greetings such as the name and surname with a single click​

Send Bulk Emails

Use Primailer to send bulk emails to save time and maintain a positive business-customer contact.​

Improve The Efficiency Of Your Marketing
Efforts To Help You Grow Quicker

Custom Messages

Send custom messages with greetings such as the name and surname to forward multiple messages.

Multiple SMTP Accounts

Primailer Software allows you to integrate and manage all of your SMTP servers from a single

Shoot Bulk

Send bulk emails in a group of contacts within seconds, easily communicating with customers, clients, and staff.

Sustains Multimedia

Shoot messages in any format like text, images, and pdf files, or one can choose HTML code to set the template for bulk email