How to create and use custom tag?

Table of Contents
Step 1: Go to “Custom Tag” under the Campaigns section.

Step 2: Click on “Create New”.

Step 3: Fill the following details in “Create new Custom Tag”

  • Tag: Enter the name of the tag in uppercase letters.
    Please note that the CCT_ prefix will be added to your tag, therefore you will access your tag like [CCT_YOUR_TAG_NAME]
  • Random: Whether to randomize the lines of text from the content box
  • Content: Your content


Step 4: Click Save Changes.

How to use Custom Tags? #

Custom tags can be used in emails. Simply add CCT before your tag name and place it in your email.
For example; if your tag name is “SIGNATURE”, the code to call your custom tag would be [CCT_SIGNATURE]
You can add your custom tag to the existing email template or create a new email template.