How to create, see and add a survey to the campaign?

Step 1: Go to Survey

Step 2: Click on Create new, to create a new survey

Step 3: Fill out the following details in “create new survey”

  • Name: The name of the survey
  • Display Name: The display name of the survey will be shown to responders. If this is left blank, the name of the survey is shown instead
  • Description: Description for the survey
  • Finish Redirect: Url where to redirect when the responder is reaching the survey end. Don’t forget to add https:// before your url
  • Status: Current status of your survey Draft /Active/ Inactive
  • Start at: Survey start date and time
  • End at: Survey end date and time
  • Step 4: Once you save your changes, you can add your survey fields to create the survey.

Fields available:

  • Add Text Field
  • Add Number Field
  • Add number field
  • Add multi-select field
  • Add date field
  • Add datetime field
  • Add phone number field
  • Add email field
  • Add url field
  • Add rating field
  • Add country field
  • Add state field
  • Add years range field
  • Add geocity field
  • Add textarea field
  • Add geocountry field
  • Add geostate field
  • Add checkbox field
  • Add checkbox list field
  • Add radiolist field
  • Add consent checkbox
  • Add dropdown field

After you have added your fields for the survey you can save changes

Your survey has been created.

To checkup your Survey

Step 1: Go to your survey

Step 2: Click on View on the Top Right Corner