How to set up your tracking domain?

Tracking domains allow masking of the domains used in the tracking urls
from email campaigns with other domains that you specify here

If you have Primailer installed on and you send campaigns, all your url links will start with and this is fine for most of the cases, but what if you want to handle emailing for the domain?
In this case, you will have to either install primailer in a subdomain for domain like or you can still use the install from but use a tracking domain for domain.
A tracking domain is simply a CNAME(DNS Record).
In our case, we define a cname for the domain, namely that will point to subdomain.
Once we do this, propagation can take up to 48 hours, so after 48 hours, we can go in the backend of primailer website and add a new tracking domain, the domain. Once we did this, to check if everything works properly, we have to access and we should get the same page that we get when accessing If it’s not showing the same page, then you don’t use a dedicated ip address for domain and you should.
Now, our tracking domain is in place, all we have to do si to associate it with a delivery server, and all emails that will be sent via that delivery server will change all the links from into

Step 1: Go to “Tracking Domain” in Domains

Step 2: Click on Create new, to create a new tracking domain

Step 3: Fill the details in Create new tracking domain section:

  • Name: Your tracking domain name
  • Scheme: Choose HTTPS only if your tracking domain can also provide a valid SSL certificate, otherwise stick to regular HTTP.
  • Skip Validation: Until you know what you are doing, don’t skip validation.

Click on save changes and your tracking domain has been set up.
Please note that because of the way DNS servers work, you need to add a subdomain like as a DNS CNAME record and point it to!