Simple, transparent pricing

Simple, transparent pricing
Primailer Desktop Primailer Cloud
Unlimited STMP Integration

Integrate Multiple SMTPs into a single platform. Simply verify your SMTPs and use its full power

Unlimited Sending Limit

The power of unlimited emails on your hands

Unlimited Subscriber List

No cap to your subscriber list, add as many subscribers as you want

Cost Per Email 0 0
Email Template Builder

Create and Customize your email with the help of our HTML Email Editor

Pre Designed Templates

Use predesigned email templates made for your business needs

Funnel Automation

Automate your subscriber mailing process with the power of Funnel

List Split

Split your list into smaller subscriber list

List Sync

Take actions on duplicate subscriber in different lists - delete, split, merge

Autoresponder Email

Send autoresponding emails based on the actions subscriber takes on your previous campaign


Create a fully customizable survey and integreate it on your emails

API Integration
Custom Tags

Create custom tags like signature, header to call back into your email templates

Sub Accounts

Accounts under your account with limited permissions

Email Click Rate

Detail report on who click on url provided on your email

Open Rate

Detail report on who opened your emails

Bounce Rate

Track your bounce rate to optimize your email campaign

Subscriber Based Info

Get detailed information about your subscriber (OS, Browser, Mobile)

Geo Location Track

Track from where your email is being opened

Email Verifier Integration

Integrate your favourite Email validator or use our Email Validator (Primailer Validator)